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Nov. 16, 2017

What's Included in the Sale of a House?

What's Included in the Sale of a House?

We've all been there -- You've found the perfect place! You're going to make an offer. In discussing the offer with your Buyer's Agent, you explain that the refrigerator matches the other appliances, the patio furniture looks like it was made for that patio, you've been wanting a pair of those beautiful, new front loading washer and dryer and the lawn wouldn't look the same without that yard art --- surely the Seller intended for them to stay with the house! So --- what is actually included in the Sale of a House?  See the Texas Association of Realtors explanation:

What's Included in the Sale of a House?


Buyers: Just because it isn't "attached" or the Seller didn't intend for something to stay  doesn't mean you can't ask the Seller to sell items to you or include them in the purchase price of the home (be sure you take that concession into consideration when you're making your offer).  But keep in mind, there will be items that may have been a gift, have sentimental value or the Sellers may have recently purchased and aren't willing to part with. Let your Agent ask where the Sellers obtained the item(s) and perhaps you can duplicate it or find something similar. Remember -- they are selling a home, not their belongings!

Sellers: Just because something is considered "attached" or is considered an accessory or improvement, doesn't mean you have to let it go with the house --you can exclude it! If the rose bush in the back yard came from Grandma's house, the chandelier in the dining room was inherited from your family homestead or the custom drapes in the master suite match your custom bedspread --- you can exclude these items. It's best if you've discussed this at the time you list your property so the Listing Agent can notate these exclusions in MLS. Better yet, go ahead and dig up Grandma's rose bush and put it in a pot, pack the chandelier for moving and replace it with a different fixture before photos and take the drapes down and just leave the blinds or sheers - problem solved!


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Nov. 13, 2017

Why is it Important to Hire a Local Realtor?

Why is it Important to Hire a Local Realtor?


Every real estate market is LOCAL, but what does that mean? 

The real estate market, like most other markets, are primarily driven by supply & demand. In the real estate market, supply and demand are generally driven by employment, fuel prices, interest rates, the economy and political climate.  

Now that we've identified what drives the real estate market, let's make it local. 

The local (Bandera County) economy is generally tourism driven. The largest employers are the county government and local school districts. However, there is lots of room for entrepreneurship and you will see it everywhere! There are plenty of local businesses - many different retail venues, food & drink venues, bookkeepers, financial advisers, doctors, dentists, CPAs, well drillers, septic installers, construction businesses, welders, saddle makers/leather workers, mechanics, tradesmen, beauty salons/spas, engineers, insurance companies, artists, writers, ranchers, stock producers, biologists, cowboys/wranglers, veterinarians, etc. Besides local employment or entrepreneurship, many local residents commute to San Antonio, Boerne, Kerrville, Hondo and beyond, for employment.

In the previous several years, interest rates have been extremely low and while they are on the rise, are still considered very favorable. Fuel prices in Texas are still some of the lowest in the country and are favorable for commuters who want to live in the country, yet still work in the city. While the national political climate seems a little unsettled, the local political climate is pretty consistent, meaning it is always in flux. That's not a bad thing! We're a small town that's growing, which means there are changes taking place and not everybody is happy about it. We're constantly trying to stay ahead and manage our growth so it doesn't eclipse our friendly, small town, close-knit community feel. Not everybody is in agreement as to how to do it and we're a spirited group with plenty of opinions, meaning the discussion is usually lively, but we usually come together with a workable plan. 

So, you've settled on our very friendly community, with all it's charm, colorful characters and mannerful inhabitants.  And you've employed one of our local Realtors.......

We know there are many factors that a Buyer will likely consider when settling in a new communty: Where are the closest hospitals and medical services? What emergency services are available? What is the property tax rate? Which schools are available for my child/children? What churches are available in the immediate area? What shopping is available? What entertainment and hobby venues are available? What community activities happen throughout the year? What do the surrounding communities have to offer? Where is the closest airport and how long does it take to get there? Who do I call when I need a plumber, electrician, HVAC Tech, septic installer/pumper, water well person, doctor, dentist, mechanic? These questions, and many more, are known to local Realtors! We live here, we're part of the local community, we volunteer here, we have a vested interest in our community and neighbors..... and we're PROUD to live here!

Hiring a local Realtor makes sense in so many ways. Beside knowing the answers to all the questions above, local Realtors know the local market. Because we work in this market every day, some of us for many years, we've LIVED the trends, we've worked through the ups and downs and we have lots of experience to bring to the table. When you express your needs and desired to a local Realtor, we will generally know what is available to meet those needs and have all the tools necessary to assist you in your search.  Once your Realtor has assisted you to identified the property you'd like to purchase, he/she can provide you with a list of local home inspectors, well inspectors, septic inspectors, pest inspectors, surveyors, title companies and other local service providers who can assist you in making the most informed, knowledgeable decisions possible. Local professional Realtors are aware of the local nuances related to our immediate area and can inform and assist you along the way.

Once your property has closed and you get settled in, your local Realtor may encourage you to get involved in the community - after all, you are now part of our community, one of us, a "neighbor"!  Welcome Home!

 ***** Want to see a quick U.S. Census Bureau overview of Bandera County?  Click here: Bandera County Quick Facts from U.S. Census Bureau

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July 31, 2017

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